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We are working towards removing the boxes from social paradigms through inclusive activities, programmes and events. We provide each member of the community with hope and strength welcome one another with joy and love. We at Centre for Special Needs Education (CSNE) are a community where uniqueness is celebrated, gifts are exchanged, and differences are honoured.

Every child is given the opportunity to learn and grow, to have good communication skills and meaningful relationships with the people around them and feel fulfilled. In alignment with the core Mind Space values and mission, CSNE redefines society's appreciation of needs that are special through developing environments that encourage to attain one's full potential. We provide assistance for students to choose opportunities for success and development of self advocacy.

CSNE provides inclusive spaces where together we take an active role in making real differences in each other's lives, positively impacting our community.  We enable students to become productive and effective members of the society as well as support inclusive education.

CSNE by MINDSPACE is a reactive unit that desires to respond and cater to your needs. If there is anything that you feel would benefit your family and the community, please get in touch with us - together we can make it happen.

What You Will Encounter…

At CSNE, we recognise the strengths and potential in all our students. The centre identifies pathways in which individuals are not expected to conform themselves to the setting, but tailor the solutions to their needs. It is a space where anybody and everybody can open up, learn from each other, grow and feel at home. We are investing continuously in building a better future in which each child succeeds and is recognized for their abilities. CSNE is an encouraging, caring and supporting environment allowing individuals to grow and develop in remarkable ways through a variety of activities.We focus on the whole child and their strengths and needs in the long term.

Students at CSNE

CSNE provides students with opportunities to enrich society with their abilities, gifts and talents. We promote student achievement, based on specifically identified needs, and preparation for success in the paths students choose to pursue. The programmes include Quest – for students with more severe difficulties, complex needs and considerable developmental delays, CAP – for students with mild or moderate difficulties to access an adapted mainstream curriculum, Cross Point – a link programme for students who are transitioning into mainstream and the ULC Inclusion – for students to adapt into the mainstream classes with support.

The Journey Ahead…

At CSNE, we are always looking forward to the next solution.  Where there is a need, there must be a solution, we just have to be willing to look for it and make it work.  This is the philosophy behind the MindSpace journey...  "There is always hope as long as there are people willing to try"

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