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“It takes a village to raise a child...” as the African saying goes, it is so true.  As educators, we must take this to heart when we are designing our educational ecosystems.   Not just our curriculum, not just our structure...

We need to build villages in which to educate.

One of the core differences between a village and a educational centre is that in a centre it focusses on developing specific skills in specific groups in isolation of where those skill in future will be applied.. in society, amongst a diversity of individuals from different demographic and phsychographic backgrounds.  By isolating the interfacing between these groups early in life, we educate the society of tomorrow in isolation.  Creating a rich and diverse platform within the early years of education, before social habits have been established,  provides an important base on which each mind can be developed for success.

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Special Development Programs are focused on areas where specific needs are required to be met.  The Special Development Program is a division that focuses on developing specific solutions for specific needs in an exclusive environment whilst researching the possibilities, developing programs, and implementing solutions.


Educational Development is a focused approach to providing access to mainstream educational pathways irrespective of capabilities.  This section forms the core of our Inclusive Education program where the classroom environments are mini-ecosystems of learning in and of themselves.  Combining the approach to holistic mainstream education with our inclusive education model, it has changed the definition of "holistic".  The ability to experience a diverse educational ecosystem that is a reflection of our children's future society itself, is an educational solution that truly prepares them for the future.


Most educational institutions of primary and seconday learning have limited access to interfacing with society itself.  Many learning institutions are geogrphically isolated from society.  As such, it limits the ability for learning institutions to support and develop the skills needed for social integration.  We continue to develop programs, activities and events that provide inclusive social integration for all groups in society.

This enables social inclusion across and into different groups of society that often wouldn't include inclusive options.


Vocational Development is a transitional program that moves between theory and practical in the continued journey towards work participation and potential livelihood.  The goal of our vocational development program is be able to provide access to as many vocational skills as possible to find the one where each student may connect with.  This then connects skill development with drive and determination enabling the program to really develop talent that society would be able to see value.

The Inclusive Inclusion Educational Ecosystem

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Supporting community development means to be able to respond to the needs of the community.  This requires a diverse range of offerings for each demographic of community that has a need.  We are continuously developing pathways to support community as we identify areas of need within community.  MINDSPACE has spent the last three years developing individual components of this solution ecosystem coming together to provide a flexible and holistic solution for individuals in a school setting.

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