CAP logo.pngCAP is a programme for students with mild or moderate difficulties to access an adapted mainstream curriculum at their own pace. Students in this programme are students who can access mainstream curriculum but, at a slower pace, with more support/manipulatives/visuals, etc. These are students who, although able to do the work, they would not be able to cope with a mainstream class (e.g. due to sensory issues, behaviours, considerable delay, etc.).

In this programme, the main academic focus is on Maths and English, but they continue to work on communication, personal and social skills.

Class information

  • When?
    Mondays through Fridays

  • Where?
    CSNE Oasis Village & 1Mont Kiara

  • How Long?
    8:30am - 3:00pm

  • How Many students?
    Up to a maximum of 9 students per class

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